Doing things that I’d never thought I could do before always gives me this immense sense of accomplishment.

And this weekend, I struck another such thing off the list:

I slept for a grand total of 22 hours HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHA 

This morning, my sister came in to my room to wake me up and said “Hallo you slept for 24 hours! How is that even possible?!” But she was wrong. I went to  bed at ~ 2pm in the afternoon on Saturday and she came in to wake me up around 12 so…. 22 hahahahaha but yes, even I have to agree that is a bit much. When I told Shanny about it, her reply was: “jojo are you sure what you were doing was sleeping??” hahahaha.

I was reaaaaaaaallly super tired.

My RP was due on Sat 9am. I think on wed, I still only had about 1000+ words and also my ridiculous change my RP topic idea?! (I didn’t in the end phew) So from Thurs – Fri, I stayed up to work on my RP. The night before, I was working on my RP (surprise, surprise) so I went to bed around 830am and then woke up for lunch and continued working on my RP before going to school for my ICL presentation meeting and rushed home to continue working on my RP. And then Fri – Sat was really just RP all the way until I finally submitted it at 7.20am YAYAYAYAY. And after about only 3 hours of sleep over the two days, I was all prepared to KO but I still had an ICL presentation at 10 am so I rushed out my script, rushed to school and when it was finally over… I just slept all the way till about 11+ when it was time to get ready for church today – so that’s the context behind my 22 hours of sleep (it doesnt sound that ridiculous now right hahah)

But all the late nights are not so bad when you know that you are not alone 🙂 On Thurs night, the Crossing Borders people were staying up to rush their RP due Friday morning too so I remember receiving sad snaps with time stamps throughout the night hahah. But I am so so so glad that the RP and presentation are over. Now it’s just Spanish oral exam left, one final paper and then… JAPAN!!! It is a super short trip because I’ve to rush back for lawiv dance pracs but i’m really looking forward to it :))))

My body feels like its giving way – acid reflux from the copious amounts of coffee I have consumed in the last few days/ insane amount of sleep that has kinda messed up my sleep cycle 😦 But I just need it to last a couple more days till exams are over! 9 more sleeps to Japan – the land of sushi, sashimi, ramen and all things matcha yay. And also Macho Cafe hahahah I was just telling Theo about how I saw an article about it online and the very next day he posted this video on my wall hahah

(Edit: i just realised my ’embed video’ link didn’t work. But if you google macho cafe or if you look up Tastemade on facebook, you’ll find it!)


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