it was just like a movie/ it was just like a song

sometime last week, T watched Our Times and just like how I would gush about it to everyone, I also gushed about it to him. ahh, I still SUPER love the show :”) was hoping to catch it in theatres one more time before it stopped showing but EXAMS :”(

somehow, I was glad to know that he went to watch the movie that made me very thankful for when we were once solid and so happy. he also recommended this other Chinese drama with Jerry Yan inside too (!!) called ‘My Best Ex-Boyfriend’. I almost but didn’t say: “LOL are you trying to talk about yourself?”

and…. just like my Castle addiction (I have completed 7 seasons this whole sem LOL), I thought I’d just watch one episode while I was resting over the weekend but I am hooked 😦 I even resorted to blocking myasiandrama on my com in the day hahaha. sigh. also, HELP: you know how I use the word “inhale” for when I eat too much of something, is there another similar word to use for watching dramas??

there’s just something about dramas (whether Chinese or English ones like Castle) that are so relatable and just gets you hooked until you cannot stop. maybe it’s because I grew up watching Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden (He will always be DaoMing Si in my heart :”””) hahah) but I really really really like this drama. it’s a bit like our times imo , or at least, whatever emotions our times elicited in me, this has also managed to do the same. only that this show is funnier and Jerry Yan will forever be classic so seeing him makes me very happy haha. also, I don’t understand how Jerry Yan can still look so good in a man-dress?! and he has a coat that looks like Jacob’s multicoloured coat haha it is great, the outfits in this show are truly 10/10.

there are so many cute scenes (you have to watch for yourself!). this one is from episode 2 and it holds special significance: (go watch it go watch it – AFTER EXAMS lol. I realised I have been telling my friends “there is this show that you have to watch!!” but I will only tell you the title after exams hahaah i hope you guys don’t see this before exams end lol you know who you are luvluv x)

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.50.44 pm

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.51.47 pm

ok, need to go back to ICL readings now 😦 next week this time, I will be on the plane to Japan, wew!



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