LOL ^ pardon the lack of originality in my title

School + lawiv rehearsals + IDT + squeezing in a gym/ yoga sesh has been more tiring than I imagined. Also now that module allocations are finally out, I have a 10 am – 9.30 pm with only half an hour of break day on Thursdays and I think that’s truly the most draining. Plus the needing to chiong all my 4 mods worth of readings/ prepare for tutorials before Thurs, which is most likely the night before…. haha. On the first week it was great though, I was exhausted by the time I got home – had late dinner/supper with the parents (mother’s favourite Newton Hawker Hor Fun) and then spoke to a friend I made while I was in Tokyo over whatsapp call (thank God for technology!!!) And despite being super tired, I was very glad for the conversation (+ v thankful too that he was v patient and waited for me to get home, to finish eating etc. especially cause Japan is one hour behind) :))))

So Week 2 just ended and I have readings to finish – both for all my 4 mods and for IDT – that are waiting to be done. Also my ankle feels kinda rekt right now and I’m very worried because with the musical less than a month away, there is no time to for injuries!!! Just spent the past 15 mins or so snap chatting and imessaging Vee a picture of my ankle – circling the part that hurts and then asking her for a diagnosis/ if it is serious. (Thank God for technology pt 2!) Might be time to take the gymming and yoga classes down a notch this coming week…. 😦 On that note though… FINALLY FLEW MY SIDE CROW TODAY!!!!

Was honestly not expecting it to happen because about 12 days ago, I tried it out in class for the first time and flopped rather miserably onto the floor. So today when my teacher asked me to try it, I wasn’t really expecting to do it. But the next thing I know, I flew???? And i was super surprised and she was super surprised too – cos it was the first time I tried it with her – but I was and still am vvvv happy 🙂 (yknow what the upcoming post on my insta is going to be about… hahahah)

Just a few photos from the past 3 weeks of 2016:


So thankful for lawiv gym buds (missing Aditi) and our Fitness Blender times :> We haven’t exercised together before/ after prep since school started but I hope we do soon! ❤ 


Had DTF (din tai fung, not whatever else DTF might stand for) + a fun night of playing Psych with the boys. Last photo for the road before Theo went back to the states. 

Also got to meet up with Vera and Jillian (whom I have not seen in about… 7/8 years?!?!?) and it was truly very lovely to hear about her life over fried chicken and bingsu.


From the LawIV photoshoot! The showroom was SUUUUPER beautiful. When they first told us furniture warehouse, I was expecting something worse than Ikea tbh but WOW it really was a 10/10 location for a photoshoot!


Y4 prayer group belated Christmas gathering and gift exchange – where almost everyone bought Christian books hahah. Super thankful too for the wonderful (and divine) opportunity to meet a new friend who shared with me something re what I’ve been currently praying for directions about. :”) 

OH. I wanted to bring beancurd tarts for the PG gathering but because I had some stuff to attend to just before the gathering (and then had to go home and drop my photoshoot outfit and all my clothes home first) I had to message the PG group to say that i was unable to bring beancurd tarts. BUT I was rushing out of the house and didn’t even realise that my autocorrect had changed it to beancurd farts LOLOLOL much to the amusement of a few people hahah SIGH autocorrect y u like dat 😦


Pardon the narcisissm but I LOVE this filter and I wish they have it on a daily basis or that this would be my face/ nose IRL hahahah but alas. It looks like an amazing contouring job!!! 


BOUGHT A NEW NALGENE WATER BOTTLE!!! haha i am so pleased because my Adidas one kept leaking into my bag >: I asked the uncle about how to use it immediately, which I did, much to his amusement. 



First photoshoot with the Bebes for our yearbook photo. Once again, the real photos that Liwen took are not realeased to us. But we decided to level up from our Year 1 Mean Girls themed Wednesdays when we all wore pink because “on Wednsedays we wear pink”. We decided to wear red “to show how we have mature” (Iris) but also beause most of us didnt have pink LOL. It was a lot of fun :> 

Had another photoshoot early this week with the OG boys but no photos from that one! And was supposed to have one more on Fri with my LAWR TG but I was not feeling well that morning and decided to rest cause I had quite an important meeting at night, I even missed XYZ’s birthday lunch at La Nonna :((( But thennnn. Because my parents were going out and I felt q bad (+ my phone kept buzzing with the group chat messages so I couldnt sleep HAHA) so I decided to catch a ride from the folks to school for the shoot at least. But then some people had to rush for intensives so in the end when I was 15 mins away from sch, alas, I got off the car and took the DTL home. So our phototaking is still TBC till this coming week.


Yesterday we had a carnival with some of the kids from Autism Resource Centre, the beneficiaries of the proceeds of LawIV tickets. And it was lovely :”) We were not allowed to take photos during the event but this was pre event goofing around. 

Two of my very dear friends work at ARC – one as a teacher and one as a therapist – and I’ve heard about work-related stories about their kids and the people they meet on the job. But wow it is nothing like seeing the kids for myself and they are super lovely, adorable and very talented. The are so so so precious :”) Yesterday was truly a very amazing and wonderful experience :”) There’s newfound respect and admiration for what my friends do at work now and for all the volunteers who volunteer with these kids (okay it is not the right term because those that we met with are just slightly younger) weekly. One of the participants asked me whether I will see them again after I graduate – and I said I sure hope so, and I truly mean that :”)

Oh wow ok this took longer than expected – time to start preparing for tomorrow’s fam seminar!!


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