Saw an article about one of their covers and I’ve been hooked! Been listening to a lot of their covers and I really like how raw their cover of photograph is.

LawIV is over…. and it feels so bittersweet :”)/ :”( I have quite a lot of thoughts/ feelings on it – mainly gratefulness at the opportunity to have been part of this amazing team of talented people and a lot of love for the people that I have come to know :”) The photos are now up on FB – and maybe (if time permits) I will just put up some of my favourite ones here and write a bit more about it.

But what I wanted to say here, now, is just that a couple weeks back in a slightly inebriated state, I said out in words to a friend while on a car ride home things that I have only dared to think to myself the past couple months. (note to self: I need to have more filter when I drink!!! said some things I shouldn’t have the other night at post production party – things that were v unfair to a certain someone that I do care about so I probably should not have said all that… TSK @ me)

And the night before our last lawiv show, I had a very pleasant dream concerning the said subject of the car ride conversation. It was quite disorienting to be honest – I woke up feeling very happy because everything that happened in the dream was basically what I’ve wanted (subconciously or not) for the longest time. But waking up to find it was a dream was very anticlimatic. And this is not the first time I’ve dreamt about said person – randomly did a search on past posts and found posts dating 2 years back or more where I mentioned such dreams.

I guess the point of everything above is that I am afraid it’s always going to be you.


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