Was studying at HV with Joni yesterday, and Vee’s text to go for supper turned into us going for drinks at Baden. Somehow Vee and I ended up at Wine Bar – for more drinks! – with plans to go for the zouk curry rice after. But our spontaneous plan also took a life of its own and morphed into something unexpected but a whole lot of fun. It’s been awhile but last night reminded me of why Zouk always felt like home. Also, I am so thankful for time zones because at 5am, I (curry rice) booty called Sim again asking for directions to the curry rice place. And we both laughed when I said “how do u get to curry rice again?” And thank God this time I didn’t wake him up because it was 8 in London WEW. Sim is truly a wonderful human being ๐Ÿ’– 


This is a v good representation of last night but also how I feel about recess week. It is already SATURDAY; WHERE DID MY RECESS WEEK GO? 


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