Not ashamed to say that I spent last weekend starting Descendants of the Sun and getting myself up to date with all 7 chapters of it that was out, then I watched my final one (at that point in time) on Monday and today is Thursday night I just watched the new episode that came out today. I really super love it! To be fair – it is super unrealistic and completely fictional, set in a fictional land that does not exist (but is shot in oh-so-beautiful Greece!) but my inner softie swoons everytime the Song Joong Ki’s character says something cute or everytime the Song-Song couple share a moment :””)

A friend sent me this, but I am DEFINITELY nowhere as huge a fan girl lol (credits to SGAG) ย but his character is truly very swoon worthy huehuehue.


OH but this happened the other night


*Spoiler Alert*

I remember I was talking to Aditi when I was watching the drama and it came to the scene where Song Joong Ki’s character said “This is what happens when you have been bewitched by a beautiful thing” (re shipwrecked boat i think) and Song Hye-Kyo’s character asked “Have you ever been bewitched?” to which he said “Yes… and you know I have.” (REFERRING TO HER DUH)ย So I immediately texted her to spazz out about it AH hahaha.

Also, I used to think that people only said things like that on Korean dramas but nooooo, my Korean friend G, has proven otherwise because he drops lines like these like BOOM out of nowhere and I usually just respond with an awkward giggle because I don’t really know how else to respond. Korean boys must have been given some playbook with all these lines and how to make it work at birth or something???

I have not been writing here very regularly and I can’t remember all the things I’d wanted to blog about because a lot has happened over the past couple weeks but I guess as I scrolled past my gallery photos, this was what stood out for me – my Fitness pal getting all paggro at me LOL

And there are more highlights – like donating blood with veteran blood donor Jia Ying who was super lovely company :”) and mee pok day and adventure time with Kezia over a whole evening of good food and conversation and so many more things. But all I can say is I am thankful ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, there’s approximately 2 more weeks of lessons left to the end of law school (WHAT) and a formal education system, for now at least. Grad trip in less than 2 months time WEW and life after law school – there is so much to look forward to! If all things work out – I am quite excited for what is to come in July – and if that happens, I will probably be writing on another platform more regularly, not here! But that’s still a couple months away from now anyhow ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been drafting my *FIRST POST* in my head for a couple days now and I am v excited and I hope to be able to share that here soon when plans are more crystallised ๐Ÿ™‚





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