hoy es un buen dia

Today started off rough but I received an email that gave me a lot of mixed feelings (mainly good ones) and that made the day better and the day was even better when I came home to this:


More specifically, I walked through the door and my sister said “Did you see my text?” which I didnt but she texted me to say that I received a package from G :”)

Opened it to find this and I was pleasantly surprised and also super super touched. When Pablo’s Matcha Cheesecake became all the craze on FB, one night while we were talking I told him to go and eat a lot of it for me. And so he asked “you like matcha?” Obviously I did and then today I come home to a package of all matcha Jap snacks + a card with a Korean hanbok probably from his latest trip back to Korea. And all I can say is WOW, just WOW :”) Korean boys killing it everywhere – not just in Korean dramas hahah. Chocolate is a bit melty from the long travel to Singapore and the sudden change increase in temperature but ah :””) all them warm fuzzy feels in my heart right now :>

I’m not sure how I can top this – what Singapore snacks can I mail to Japan?!?! Durian?!? LOL


Also made dinner – does not look v appetising but I was v satisfied! :”) Finished up the last bit of quinoa and had a salmon steak – super satisfied!!




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