Saw this on FB today and all I thought was THIS IS ME

I have two essays due in 2 days time and my word count currently stands at zero + I have a six hour take home the following day. JOY. I am currently vascillating between ANXIETY and worrying about whether I can finish my papers on time and also study for my take home exam vs. ZEN (which kind of worries me). Minutes before I started typing this post, I was typing out my outline (after spending days trying to understand and choose a question, FINALLY!) and as I did, there was this strange sense of excitement – I had so many thoughts, so many ideas and so many things to write about because it was a topic that I feel relatively strongly about/ for so much so that that it was/is ironically hard to type it out into words. And I was just filled with immense gratefulness and was once again reminded of how this – struggling to write essays and finish cramming for exams – too, is a privilege.


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