my heart is filled with thankfulness :”)

The 7s weekend was such a good weekend BECAUSE SBW!!!!!


Do not take credit for these two photos because someone sent them to me and I superrrr appreciate the fact that he wasn’t too busy watching to take photos to feed my inner fan girl hahaha :”)


The SBW photos have been all over my social media hehehe but #sorrynotsorry because I mean this is every girls’ dream right?! As the bus pulled up into the drop off point, I turned to Andrew and said “omg my heart is beating super fast omg” HAHAHAH. Truly, truly. And I ended up getting a fever and a super sore throat the next day 😦 I don’t know what caused it but I’ve been telling people it’s probably cause I was too excited and my heart couldn’t take all the fan girling and excitement hahahah.

I also very pleasantly surprised when he decided to come and camp out at Pan Pac with me because the night before he told me he was 80% no LOL. But it was great hanging out again for the first time in four years and realising that we still play the same games and do the exact same ridiculous things we did 4 years ago :”)

The photos on the left are from 2012 and the ones on the right are from 2016 lol and it’s quite funny:

1st photoset – I wanted to get an anchor tattoo back (still do) and so we happened to be talking about it in Melb and I dont know why he had holes in his jeans but he did and I don’t know why he allowed me to draw on him but he did HAHA. And then this weekend, he took revenge by drawing an anchor on me too and obviously the one the left (mine) is nicer LOL

Second photoset: In 2012 we played some slapping game to pass time on the train from the city back to the suburbs and obviously I got a lot stronger cos the redness looked equal in the more recent photo.

Lol it is so ridiculous that we still do the same things we did 4 years ago HAHAH. But I told him he is really a true friend because he is the only person who would do ridiculous things with me – like we couldn’t decide what to do after dinner and we happened to walk by some massage chairs so I jokingly said lets just get a massage… and we did and it was great HAHAHA.

In other news, TWO MODULES DOWN AND TWO MODULES LEFT!! And the plan for the next 6 months of my life has been sorted out! YAY. Will end my final exam of law school in exactly 1 week and 1 day’s time – EXCITING!!! Will probably be revealing more about post law school plans after exam ends! Been telling more and more people about it when people ask me “so which firm are you going” or it came up at the last PG sharing session on Monday but yes… MORE TO COME MORE TO COME. If I say that the uncertainty of the future isn’t scary and absolutely daunting then I am lying. In fact, while I was sharing with the small group during PG, I kind of started tearing without expecting to?? And I never really knew how afraid I was until that moment but I am also truly excited :>

So so so thankful for PG and for this community of people who love so freely and richly and who truly exemplifies God’s love in human form!


Scooped at FCD last week and it was such a joy to be back to see new and old faces back at the place that held sooooo much memories because that is where I spent most of my pre-uni days haha :”)

Was also a great joy to scoop for law school pals and TOPQTs Trish Rez and Charm :”) (ok actually only 2 came for my flavour HAHAH but its cool!) And a church friend on his birthday and the same 2 guys whole queued from 12 PM till I have no idea when but I scooped for the same 2 people at least 5/6 times….. and I saw them queuing at like 3/4 HAHA it was mad. Was also pleasantly surprised when I saw T and his folks hahahah but I had a lovely time talking to them :”)

Woke up with muscle aches again the next day, just like last year’s FCD so now I know that it wasnt from gymming the day before last year… hahaha it is truly from scooping flavours like CCCD and NYSF because they were so hard! >: But what a great 5 hours of distraction from work, from the HRA take home exam that I was in the midst of and just everything. I was initially very worried about taking 5 whole hours out of writing my paper but I remember how two little girls came up to my dipcase and when they saw the whole bulk of CCCD, they squealed in delight and when I handed them the cones they were soooo happy :”) And i knew then that the 5 hours – of being part of that unadulterated joy that ice cream gives to little kids (or adults too!) and being able to scoop for my friends – was worth it!


I’ve started to write/ plan my goodbye/see you next year letters since two weeks ago.

(Your letter was the first one that I started to write; after all these time, there’s still so much to say to you)


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