Been back in SG for about 2 weeks now and leaving the states was really hard 😦 I was super sad and did not want to come back to ~REAL LIFE~ after the one month of living in the bubble that was grad trip. Ben has been religiously blogging about the trip since getting back – an update about each day even!! but I don’t think I will be doing that considering when the last post was and also cos the highlights of the trip are pretty much all on insta/ friends would have seen it all on snapchat. Bought 2GB worth of data that was supposed to last me for a month but 1 week into the trip, I received a text that said I’d used up half of my data already LOL snapchat truly drains data. In other news!! I added an insta widget on this page 🙂

The one month was truly magical and the time of being away, exploring new cities and meeting new people, as trite as it sounds, have truly widened my horizons. And if you are reading this blog (which I would think is pretty private, apart from that hardware zone incident LOL) you would probably know that in slightly more than 3 weeks time, I’ll be leaving for New Zealand to join a DTS under Youth With a Mission’s (YWAM).

ok not related to anything that I have been typing but just overheard: “I think the only reason that he is getting married is so that he can see a stripper (at his bachelor party)” LOLOLOL. This  cracks me up but also reminds me of Vegas and the strip club that I did not go to HAHAH. Ju always laughs at my attention span because I would be telling her something half way and then get distracted by something else happening – just as is happening now in this post LOL but ok I digress. I would love to write more about what I’ll be doing in NZ but I honestly feel like it would be so much easier to explain in person and also when… Idk when my life is a bit more in order hur hur. Close friends are probably aware of my recent series of bad decisions and honestly, while I know that the time in NZ is not a panacea but I hope that it will be where things take a turn for the better. Watched Palo Alto on my plane ride home and I really really like the movie for its honest portrayal of growing up and the degenerate life lol. And one thing that stuck with me is “You’re young, you don’t know why you do things. But there is always a reason.” And i’m really hoping that the 6 months in NZ will be a time of self-discovery and also finding that elusive reason. (Would highly recommend watching Palo Alto and the other Tribeca 2014 films! Made my almost 18 hours of flight time very enjoyable!)

I will probably start a new space to keep fam and friends updated about life in NZ and everything that will happen – for which I am psyched but also a bit apprehensive. Check back here cos I’ll link up the new space when I finally get down to doing it! I’m also writing somewhere else right now – it’s quite nonsensical actually and I think YQ is the only one that reads it/ has been reading it because it was his idea so he is obliged to read it LOL.



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