Love and light 

Woke up today to a reminder from FB that it is Chng’s birthday and amidst all the mess of emotions lately, my heart is filled with thankfulness :”) this is the same boy who came over to my ulu house with hot chocolate AND marshmallows!! :”) who brought ice cream and drinks to cheer me up and who always told the truth like “you look like a water balloon that is bursting when you cry” LOL. And there are days that I feel like I lucked out with this friendship, even if it’s been a long while since we last spoke and he is all the way in London.

But it is really such a timely reminder that there is sooo much to be thankful for! K and YQ have been on the receiving end of my whiny and mopey texts LOL. But today is going to be a good day! On the way to a yoga class this morning and no better way to start a day really than to open your heart and mind, leave everything behind before arriving on the mat for a clean slate to the day ahead. 


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