I have been writing on the other blog, but this was a bit too personal and I felt like there was no space there for this. Maybe, some time soon, I will find a way to say this, with less heart, less about you, on a more publicised blog but – I think I can […]

Love and light 

Woke up today to a reminder from FB that it is Chng’s birthday and amidst all the mess of emotions lately, my heart is filled with thankfulness :”) this is the same boy who came over to my ulu house with hot chocolate AND marshmallows!! :”) who brought ice cream and drinks to cheer me […]

Been back in SG for about 2 weeks now and leaving the states was really hard 😦 I was super sad and did not want to come back to ~REAL LIFE~ after the one month of living in the bubble that was grad trip. Ben has been religiously blogging about the trip since getting back […]

Saw this on FB today and all I thought was THIS IS ME I have two essays due in 2 days time and my word count currently stands at zero + I have a six hour take home the following day. JOY. I am currently vascillating between ANXIETY and worrying about whether I can finish my […]

hoy es un buen dia

Today started off rough but I received an email that gave me a lot of mixed feelings (mainly good ones) and that made the day better and the day was even better when I came home to this: More specifically, I walked through the door and my sister said “Did you see my text?” which I didnt […]