Last week was truly the hell week of the sem :((( I was quite worried that I wouldn’t be able to survive it actually – that I’d be unprepared for my test/ presentation or something but somehow, thank God, I made it through!! And here’s my sleep log for last week as inspired by one of my previous post. LOL. Yes, I actually religiously took a snapchat before I went to bed and when I woke up.

Monday night (but also Tues morning):

I had actually set my alarm for 7+ am  because I had a 9 am class but I woke up and was not well so I emailed my teacher to say I’d be unable to make it and texted a friend to take notes then went back to sleep. Then I reset my alarm for 9 to wake up when class started but I ended up sleeping till 11 zzz

Monday N:Tues M

Tuesday Night: 

Wednesday was the day of my Spanish test so I pulled another all nighter to study – memorise Spanish vocab, learn how to conjugate the verbs, read through whatever I could read of past worksheets and e-book. Called it a night when I felt v tired but when I got to bed, I couldn’t sleep – maybe because I had two cups of coffee somewhere in between all the cramming. So this was the night/ day that I went to bed as the sun rose. It was rather scary actually, to see it getting brighter and brighter outside while I was trying, but unable, to sleep. Again, was gonna wake up at 9 am then texted my mum at 6 saying maybe wake me up at 10 but when I still couldnt sleep around 7+ i told her 11 hahahah. SIGH

Oh and I captioned it all in spanish but beause I decided to collage the photos some of my spanish captions are cut off 😦

Tues N: Wed M

Wednesday night: 

Wed N: Thurs M

Thursday night: 

Thurs N: Fri M

Friday night: 

Fri N: Sat M

So in all, I think I actually got quite a lot of sleep as compared to the amount that I’d initially thought I’d be getting. Also, on Monday night when I first started my log, I was reminded of Psalm 127:2 “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat – for He grants sleep to those He loves.” So yay, I am loved because I sleep a lot hahahah :p But seriously though, I am super thankful that I managed to survive last week, really. It is truly only by grace.

LOL @ Snapchat’s recognition of my efforts yay trophy for sending a snap at 4-5 am hahahaha

Snapchat trophy lol

Saturday was presentation day and my mother prepared this for me before my presentation :”””)


I didn’t save my snaps for Saturday night but… I don’t really have words for what happened on Saturday night. After the presentation, I met up with MH and KJ to video our Spanish assignment. We met at around 5 and note that it was just a 5 minutes video, that was worth 10%. So we were all under the impression that we’d be done filming by around 10pm. But we were SO WRONG.

At 1+ am, we were sitting at the L2 couches at BTC, still filming our last few scenes. And in between all the late night induced delirium, the difficulty in memorising our script in Spanish and breaking out into laughter over things that are not actually funny but are funny at that time of day because everything is so ridiculous, we ended up only leaving school at 4am. 😦 !!!!! It was truly quite a night.

The next day (el domingo – sunday), I went for Zumba with my mum. And… I can’t seem to get away from Spanish because the instructor is Colombian so he played Spanish songs LOL and I spoke to him in my spangled Spanish because hallo I just stayed up for it so obviously I had to make use of the language I am learning.


Was never really a big fan of Zumba tbh but I really enjoyed that class and I really enjoyed attending it with my mum :”) We had a lot of fun ^^

And so that pretty much concluded the insane week last week. Since then, I’ve been treating myself – been working out every day and that makes me very happy :-)))))

+ Dad and sis came back from Korea and they bought me quite a few new work out clothes!! And also…. all things minion hahahahha. Ok, i think i have enough minion things to last me for a long long time. Sent this to Ju and her reaction was *disgusted face emoji* TSK.


Oh! Also on Monday, I went for HIIT class at a gym that I really quite enjoy going to! The first time I went for class there, I couldn’t walk for a couple days after that…. and that day someone asked me what made me decide to go back to the gym hahaha I guess I am slightly masochistic like that. Anyway, so I usually make it a point to plan my gym attire in advance – especially if, like this week, I know my gym schedule, so I make sure to have enough appropriate attire for each activity. (Like for HIIT, I can wear shorts, must wear the well fitting sports bra but for yoga I can wear normal sports bra… yknow that kind of planning LOL) So…. on Sunday night, I’d already set aside my attire but somehow when I got to the gym, I realised that I’d packed everything but FORGOT TO PUT MY TIGHTS IN. So I had to sheepishly ask the trainer whether he’d be ok if I worked out in jeans….. but thank God!!!! Berlin, whom I met for the first time, overheard and offered to lend me her shorts :”””) yay saved me from having to work out in jeans.

Then on Tuesday, I was going for TTB and… as I was on the way, I realised that I’d forgotten to pack my sports bra!! (I need a new brain maybe????) And I freaked out because unlike some yoga studios that carry yoga clothes, the one that I was going to didn’t. But I just prayed that maybe they would actually be selling clothes just that they were not displayed, otherwise, I was prepared to work out in a normal bra 😦 So when I went there, I told them about my forgetfulness and asked if they happened to sell work out clothes. And…. THEY HAD A STASH!!! It was meant for emergencies but in the end… I got a sports bra for free?????!!! So i really cannot complain. I am so blur but so blessed :>

Today, I remembered to bring everything from top to bottom, yay!


Excited for tomorrow night’s work out – I’m going for a calisthenics class!! And also for tomorrow in general :)))

Here is the toilet sign at the gym from this morning LOL it is great #TRUTH *insert moon face emoji*



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